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    clienau wrote: »
    I will do it in a future version with more tests.

    Keep up the got spirit, Chris. And hey, love to be your tester anyway.
    Luc van Vugt,
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    Service Tier Administration Tool v3.1.2
    Version 3.1.2 (2017-11-27)

    NEW: Setting “Update Service State”. Enable or Disable background thread. F5 for manual.
    NEW: Setting “Update Service State Interval”. Interval in ms to trigger the background thread.
    NEW: Setting “Update Service List”. Enable or Disable check for new or removed services in background thread. (prohibit flash problems)
    REMOVED: Credential Manager ( Enabled in later version with more tests)

    Better performance on remote systems

    Discuss this download here.
  • denmark_serrano77denmark_serrano77 Posts: 12Member
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    Hi Chris,

    The Help Server settings on the RTC - Client User Settings section does not get saved properly. The Port number field value is somehow moved to the Help Server field.


  • dynavicsdynavics Posts: 4Member
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    it is still not possible to create a new service with version

    NST Version not exist in Build Update Path.

    All versions are registered in the RTC Version settings, the NST Version settings and the Classic Version Settings.
    Is there any reason why one must also keep a special folder for each "update" on top of the already existing?
    The Build updates from MS are always complete setup DVDs, not any build folders with NST or Client in it.
    PLease allow copying from the NST folder as in previous versions of STA.
    This is just not working
  • denmark_serrano77denmark_serrano77 Posts: 12Member
    @dynavics, i am able to create both a service and a service instance in 3.1.2. Can you confirm that both Navision Base Folder and Base Versions Folder are filled in under Settings?

  • saki82saki82 Posts: 3Member
    I hope someone can help me with the following issue:

    We have several NAV-Services running on a server, but users do not have admin rights on this machine.
    Therefore users cannot read/write/change these and trying to add the Remote Computer in STA fails with the message "No Access".

    So to implement these remote services into a local instance of STA, Is it enough to grant users full read/write access to these services on the Server, without having to give them admin rights?

    If not, what has to be done to achieve this, if possible at all?

    Thanks a lot!
  • phamhainguyen68phamhainguyen68 Posts: 2Member
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    I am currently having this issue with version 3.1.2. Any help is much appreciated:

    I usually use the NST Version Settings option to add new builds of NST and then use Create Service to create NST based on that. This works perfectly in version 2.5.5.

    However, in this version 3.1.2, I get this error message when trying to Create Service: Input string was not in a correct format.

    Does anyone know why it is happening like this?

    Thank you,
    Nguyen Pham.

  • clienauclienau Posts: 49Member
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    Hello thanks for the response.

    @denmark_serrano77: Thanks it is solve in next release. I have fix it.

    @phamhainguyen68 I look to your problems at the weekend.
    It could be a problem with the RTCSettings, NSTSettings and ClassSetting.

    @dynavics has simular problems. I use the new functionalities with Base Folder and Build Update Folder. I will do more test with the old functionalities at weekend.

    Thats a little bit tricky.

    The NST use a combination of WMI and ManagmentScope (Checks WIN32_services) and
    ServiceController (Get and refresh the service states).

    And another problem is the access to the file system.
    The NST check the different .exe files (finsql.exe, Microsoft.Dynamics.NAV.Server.exe ...) for FileVersionInfo to get the versions. And another thing is the read/write access to the config files.

    Thats the point that you need the admin rights at the moment.

  • phamhainguyen68phamhainguyen68 Posts: 2Member
    @clienau Thank you! I look forward to your next update. Have a nice weekend:).
  • greatscott001greatscott001 Posts: 23Member
    I don't want to add more to your work load but it would be nice to be able to start the NAV2018 classic client with the Command=generatesymbolreference, Database=<Dbname>, ServerName=<Sqlserver\SqlInstance> command line if need. Can this be added to the settings panel?
  • louagejlouagej Posts: 4Member
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    When I'm trying to add a service, the list of BASE folders alsways shows the same version.

    The Settings of 'Navision BASE Folder' and 'Base Versions Folder' or both set to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV'

    Any idea what I can do to solve this?

    Kind regards,
  • NicouwNicouw Posts: 1Member

    we have the situation that after the update to 3.1.2. some services are not shown in the STA.
    especially with NAV version 2009
  • primeapprimeap Posts: 33Member

    Very useful Tool you have here, thank you!

    A missing feature on our site ist to be able to save wich CU it is alongside with the NST Version:


    What do you think?
  • navdeveloper02navdeveloper02 Posts: 2Member
    Feature request:

    Start Nav in configuration mode for profile entered in a dialog box.

    Much appreciated.
  • lvanvugtlvanvugt Posts: 757Member
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    Running into a major issue regarding the help server settings


    Filling the two fields will not result in any change in the CustomSettings.config (or maybe I am looking wrongly). And even worse: if I step into those fields and step out, move focus to another service tier and back the fields are set is per the screen shot.

    Is this intended behavior?
    Luc van Vugt,
    Never stop learning
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