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    May be sales & marketing
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    hello jpm,
    my colleague has found a similar question (number 45 and 46 of my questions)..well, we think it can be:
    45) journal + document
    46) default + journal
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    hello Lorenjans-free,
    i really don't know about question 46, but i think that for question n°45 the answer is default+journal.
    anybody can help us?
    bye jpm
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    Hello.I'm preparing the Navision Development Exam for the second time.After two weeks of studying, I have tried to answer to my questions I posted almost 1 month ago.If someone could correct me, make me a flavor.
    1) b
    2) a
    3) a
    4) talks if NODBC supports the multilanguage-->answer is yes
    5) b
    6) b
    7) e
    8) b
    9) b
    10) c
    11) a
    12) b
    13) i hope is b
    14) b
    15) b
    16) b
    17) look at nando_sg answer: it should be right
    18) a
    19) a
    20) b
    21) a
    22) a
    23) c
    24) a
    25) a
    26) b
    27) c
    28) d
    29) depend from version: 3.70-->b, else 4.00 b is false
    30) a
    31) c
    32) b
    33) a
    34) a
    35) b
    36) refer to journal: all 2 option are correct
    37) b that there isn't
    38) a or b
    39) ...
    40) c
    41) d
    42) i think a
    43) i think you can't
    44) d
    45) h, i hope
    46) a, i hope
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    edited 2005-07-13
    montoya wrote:
    hello guys, sorry,
    but what is the functional area with more master tables? any idea?
    thanks, bye jpm

    I think it is fix asset functional area, in fix asset function area, there are two master tables, one is fix asset, the other is insurance.

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    ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)
    please, help me!
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    laurent wrote:
    9: Look the following code:

    VarRecord.field1 := ‘xyz’;

    When the change is submitted ?

    A: a submit is implicitly called after the modify
    B: when leaving the trigger
    C: modify submit the transaction
    10: How to implement optimistic concurrency (I dn’t remember the server type) ?

    A: Set a maximum of filters. The server will lock the table (implicit) during the update
    B: Set a maximum of filters and explicitly call the LOCKTABLE
    C lock table when you read and you are sure that after you will do an update
    i think that :
    10)b i think so because we must lock EXPLICITLY the table with statement LOCKTABLE(TRUE,TRUE). so A is not correct, and also C is not correct because we don't lock a table when we read...but only just before we make an update.

    guys, what do you think about them?
    thanks, bye
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    Me JPM LRJ
    1.B B B
    2.A A A
    3.A A A
    4.NODBC Support multilanguage
    5.B B B
    6.B B B
    7.E E E
    8.B B B
    9.B B B
    10.C C C
    11.A A A
    12.B B B
    13.B B
    14.A B B
    15. B B
    16.B B B
    17.Use Fixed File Format A
    18.A A A
    19.A A
    20.B B/C B
    21.A A A
    22.A A A
    23.D D C
    24.Create a backup, create new database using Client,

    restore from backup
    25.A A A
    26.B B
    27. C
    28.B(D) D D
    29.B B
    30.A A A
    31.C C C
    32.B(no order and set the req filter fields) B B
    33. A
    34.A A A
    35.B B B
    37.A A B
    38.B A A/B
    40.C C C
    41.B A D
    42.A A A
    43.B B
    44.C D D
    45.H H
    46.A A+C A

    Based on my answers and yours, I have the following questions:
    45. I think it's H, but is it true that default dimension is not used? I was thinking about H or G
    44. Why do you choose D instead of C? What is the effect of save the record? I thought it is already saved when you copy?
    41. If it is a tricky question, the question might be D, but in normal condition, subform always contains a tablebox
    37. What is the description of choice B?
    23. I only know that it only saves the difference between the level below the current.
    20. Which is faster? using SETRANGE OR SETFILTER? I cannot find any resources about performance
    14. Is there any statement from Navision about this? (whether it is a must or an option) I have not seen a subform without a tablebox. Is it applicable(a subform without tablebox) to real life application?
    10. difference between method and function??
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    about the optimistic concurrency:

    LOCKTABLE (from the C/SIDE Reference GUIDE)
    Use this function to lock a C/SIDE table to protect it from write transactions that conflict with each other.

    Because all write operations automatically lock the table in use, LOCKTABLE would appear unnecessary. Imagine, however, a transaction in which an application wants to inspect data and then only possibly change it, with a guarantee that the data being changed has not been modified by other applications since the read. The solution is to explicitly lock the table before the read operation. This makes sure no other application makes changes between the read and the possible write.

    Based on the description above, the answer is A?
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    Thanks kampret!
    These are my observations about the questions:

    10. During the exam I thought about it too. At the end, I think there isn't any difference.
    14. You're right, in the real life application it isn't applicable using a subform without a tablebox, however in Navision you can make it, right?! The doubt remain about the choice..
    17. About this question I remember there was also another answer: put the data in variable and then write code to read the first 50 char. Well I have a doubt if the right answer is this that I have just written or "write code in dataport to convert". I think the right answer is "put the data in variable and then write code to read the first 50 char".
    23. You're right. I have made a mistake.
    28. I think it is the D because with the B you skip the record but don't assigned the value that you retrived from the first record.
    36. Sorry but I have forgot a "little" detail: it talk about the journal table
    37. It talk about inserting a function at table level. B is the right answer, infact I have found in the Development Manual 3.70 (chapter Posting Routines) an example: EmptyLine function.
    38. Why B and not A?
    41. Sorry, but also here I have make a mistake. The right question is: In a subform, what CANNOT you insert in it?..So the right answer is D, because I have tried and you can't.
    43. Well, I know that you cannot change the value of label at runtime.
    44. The difference is that in the C answer you check the data because you save it, in D no. The question says data are already verified.. so I say D instead C, but could be wrong.
    45. I have found a little material about Dimension. From this I have understood you must know the flow. In this case you're inserting data in a document. So probably I'm wrong and correct answer is G.Could anyone else resolve this doubt?

    Thanks again kampret, you're giving me a great aid!
    SeeYa Lrj
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    thanks kampret!
    14) in application design guide 4.0 i have found this: "Typically a subform is a tabular form, that is, a form with a table box"..then i say that the answer is "usually".
    41) i have found the question..i think that the question is: what you can NOT INSERT in it? i have made a test, and i have got an error:"you can NOT insert a subform in a subform". well, D is the correct answer.
    44) manual development 3.60 chapter 6 data conversion: i have found this: "2) What is the status of the customer's existing data?
    If the data is missing a lot of information needed by Navision, if it is corrupted, or in some other way not reliable, you will be forced to import and store the information into the Journal. This will allow the customer to fill in the missing data and fix the inaccurate data before posting. However, if the customer's data is in good shape, this should not be
    necessary." .
    So, i think that if data are GOOD is not necessary save it in journal.
    45) probably the correct answer is DEFAULT+DOCUMENT...
    46) i have found this question, and you must select a multiple answer, as n°45. i have selected JOURNAL DIMENSION+LEDGER DIMENSION.

    bye jpm
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    great lrj e kampret!!
    well...question about locktable...i think is B, becauze answer A says implicit locktable...instead answer B says explicit.
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    Hello again kampret.

    Why A? Should be B, then..
    However I have read the manual Development Solution and it talk about Optimistic concurency. It says to implement it you must call LOCKTABLE(TRUE,TRUE), but the problem is that the exam question talk only LOCKTABLE without parameters (important the second because it handles the versioning-->optimistic concurency).what do you think about it?
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    guys, thx for the reply. i am glad that i am preparing the exam not alone :-)

    about the locktable:
    i have these 3 situations:

    1. Without LOCKTABLE (implicitly)
    do some process
    2.LOCKTABLE(TRUE, FALSE) --> explicit
    3.LOCKTABLE(TRUE, TRUE) --> explicit

    Situation 1: if the record that we process is modified by other person, then that changes(made by other) are not saved.

    Situation 2: the record that we modify cannot be changed by others. BUT, it doesn't match with the optimistic concurrency requirement.

    Situation 3: same as situation 1, but the system will generate an error(if the record is modified by other) instead of just save the record.

    The most accurate answer I think is situation 3 (using LOCKTABLE(TRUE, TRUE)).
    BUT, LOCKTABLE is only used in a Transaction. If not in a transaction or you assume that the time difference between the GET and UPDATE is not significant, I think you can just UPDATE the record, without have to call LOCKTABLE.

    I choose A instead of B because the question does not tell us whether we are in a transaction or not. If the question tells us more detail about the situation, I would choose LOCKTABLE(TRUE, TRUE)
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    about question 17.
    could anyone show me in detail how to implement it? (use a temporary variable and read the first 50 chars from the variable).
    is it written for the trigger dataport or table trigger?

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    stupid question:
    When does the journal table gets inserted? is it when we insert a sales order or when we post the sales order?

    I tried the case study (seminar registration), but my seminar journal table is always empty. my seminar ledger entry however, gets populated when I post the seminar registration.
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    hello kampret!
    about question 17.


    FOR i := 1 TO 50 DO

    with table.textdst: text of 50 and text: text of 80

    you can insert this code in OnAfterImportRecord and you can make the data conversion and import

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    thx guys, today, i have just passed the exam.
    thx for all the help...
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    i think missed a lot =D> =D> =D> =D>
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    Compliments kampret!
    Could you post some questions you found (and you remember) in exam for the community?Thanks a lot
    PS: tomorrow I'll try again to pass the exam
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    Anybody know about this one?

    Customer wants to buy Navision, but they demonstrated a prior release and some customer add-ons. They now are aware that the latest release has many of the add-ons they wanted, so they want to install the latest version. How do you setup the database?
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    Hello. I will take the NA 40-221 - C/Side Introduction Exam / Navision Programming / Development I exam in two weeks.

    I'd like to know if the questions posted until now in this forum are showing the general level of difficulty of the exam. All the questions in the exam are similar as difficulty with these ones? Or the questions posted here are the most difficult ones, those who created problems for you?

    I just try to figure it out if i have some chances or not... :lol:

    Thanks a lot...
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    Which of the following form control would you use to display subsidiary information on the form.

    1. Subform
    2. Textbox
    3. Tablebox
    4. Matrixbox

    Could any one reply answer for this question?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Reply to narayanan,
    Which of the following form control would you use to display subsidiary information on the form

    The answer should be 2: TableBox.

    Example of subsidiary tables would be "Item cross-reference table".

    Hope this help.
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    Hi all,
    I have trouble about these questions.

    1-)How menusuite object changes are stored
    a-)Each change is stored as a complete list of menusuite menus and items and replaces the previous level
    b-)changes are stored as the differance between previous menusuite level and the current one
    c-)menusuite changes are not stored

    2-)Which of the following is not true regarding the methods and properties of an Automation server controlled from C/SIDE?
    a-)When the Automation variable is properly declared, you can view the methods and properties using the C/AL symbol menu
    b-)Certain methods and properties will not be able to utilized in navision if there is no corresponding data type within navision
    c-)knowledge of the relationship between COM data typesand navision data types is required
    d-)Com data type can be converted to Navision data types using alterdatatype in order for an outside application.

    3-)The main limititation of dataport as a tool to integrate Navision with an outside application, is that requires the outside application to;
    a-)Intiate all data transfers from itself to Navision by running the dataport
    b-)be certified as Navision complicant
    c-)place its data into an ASCII file before the navision dataport can read
    d-)know internal data structure of the navision tables to be updated by the dataport

    4-)Which of the following is Not true regarding XML tagname field
    a-)Attributes are entered prior to the elements they define
    b-)TagNames must be entered in order
    c-)parent elements must precede their child elements
    d-)child elements are indented

    5-)which of the following XML port TagName properties selects the field to be mapped to Xml data
    a-)source field
    b-)ReqFilter Field
    c-)Xml Field
    d-)Field name

    6-)Which field in the Xml port description would be used to identify which table a tagname is quivalent to?
    a-)Table name
    b-)Tag Type
    c-)Tag Name
    d-)Source Type

    7-)you are importing data from outside source into Navision using dataport the data is in variable format and each field is seperated by ampersand. which of the actions should you perform to be able to import data using dataport.
    a-)change field seperator to ampersand
    b-)change field delimiter to ampersand

    8-)Which of the following dataitem properties would be used to specify which field or fields a Navision Report should Group By.
    b-)total fields
    d-)Req file

    9-)you have set the left margin = 1000 , before printing report the user specifies 15mm left margin in the page setup window. when print the report leftmargin=?

    10-)which of the following is true regarding the Request Options From designer
    a-)request options form does not exist
    b-)to design options tab of options
    c-)to design all of the tabs of the request form design

    11-)which of the following is Not a Valid report component?
    b-)table form

    12-)you are designing a report that is going to be run while other users are inserting records into the same transaction tables, using version based navision server what do you need to do t the report to make sure that the data reported will be a consistent snapshot of the data those transactions
    a-)you don't need to anything
    b-)you will need to set the transaction type property to SnapShot
    c-)you will need to set the transaction type property to Browse
    d-)there is nothing you can do. user will just have to tell all the others

    13-)Which of the following is true regarding to Automation Sever?
    a-)C/Side can receive events from components with the Automation events=yes
    b-)C/Side cannot receive events from outside components
    c-)C/Side can only receive Com+ components
    d-)C/Side can receive ebents from components with the withevents=yes

    13-)Cust Ledger entry indented under Customer,which of the following would be easiest way to filter both tables to the same date.
    a-)Add datefilter to the Req Filter Fields propertyof the customer dataitem and link the posting date field of the custLedgerEntry dataitemto the data"efilter field of the customer table using the dataitemlink property
    b-)Add datefilter to Reqfilterfields property of the customer dataitem and use the Setfilter command to filter the posting datefield of the Cust.Ledger Entry table .
    c-)use setfilter
    d-)use setrange

    14-)which command would you place on preSection trigger prevent the section from printing?

    15-)Which is Not true?
    a-)Local Codeuınits can only be run from other codeunits
    b-)codeunits can be run from other codeunits
    c-)codeunits can be run from other objects
    d-)other object can be run from codeunits

    16-)local variables are limited in scope to the function which they are defined_
    a-)local variable can only be defined in codeunits
    b-)lacal variables are reinitialized other execution of a codeunit has completed
    c-)lacal variables can only be declared in local functions

    17-)In order for an outside application to access data within Navision Server using C/ODBC what must it support?
    a-)Microsoft Query
    c-)Sql Server
    d-)Navision Server
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    hello boys!
    thanks for all!i have passed the exam yesterday!
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    hello guys!
    Yesterday I passed the navision development exam. I want to thanks all of you for the aid that you have give me. A special thanks to Montoya: you've always been "close" to me!
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    great lorenjans!!
    thanks you very much!!
    now, for all comunity...some question that i remember:

    1)xmlport, how to calc flowfiel automatically:
    do flow

    2)what is true about c/al:
    all object have c/al
    is used in "event" area
    is a c# language

    3) how you can run modally a only batch report while middle a transaction:
    request form not exist
    request form in run modally
    report has already data
    report has already been run once

    4) you want to create a mail-merge with MS word. what do you do?
    use automation from navision to word
    use automation from word to navision
    use odbc
    use c/odbc

    5) what you use for exit from ONAFTERGETRECORD in a report for NOT skipp actually record and the other
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    2 .all object have c/al
    3. request form not exist
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    Here some answers for Questions from tuman

    1. b
    2. a
    3. c (not sure)
    4. a (not sure)
    5. don't know
    6. d
    7. don't know
    8. b
    9. don't know
    10. b
    11. b
    12. a
    13. don't know
    14. CurrReport. SHOWOUTPUT(FALSE) or ......PUT(0=1) and so on
    15. a
    16. c
    17. b

    I try the development exam this afternoon. I would be very happy, i you can answer the questions too.

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