No Item create permisison - causing long waits

jbrajbra Member Posts: 32
NAV18 on prem. My CSRs are not allowed to create or edit items.

We have found if they mis-enter an item number (an item No. that doesn't exist) on a Sales order or Quote they get a long wait time (5 minutes) and then a huge item list (I htink it's all 50,000+ items) is presented. In the debugger I think I see that NAV is trying to find a close match for number or Search Description.

If a user has insert permission to table 27 there is no wait and a prompt quickly appears and asks: do you want to create item 546366 or browse the item list. This is normal and not a problem.

Can we turn off this item 'searching' feature? Only want them to enter valid item numbers, not use searching.


  • edoderooedoderoo Member Posts: 89
    This is standard NAV behaviour since 2017, I spoiled an afternoon of debugging two years ago, only to find out that this is "new default functionality" that no serious NAV-user will ever need.

    What NAV does: if you enter a 'new' item number on the sales line, it will try to create this item for you. The process of doing so will only work quick when you have a few items. There is no setting to switch this off (in NAV2017, at least) without code customization.
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