To cancel or correct a posted sales invoice

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Dear all,

I try to cancel or correct a posted sales invoice but I cannot find the actions 'cancel' nor 'correct'. I have tried to customise ribbon and add the action 'Correct' to 'Show actions in this order' under Home or Actions. But I still cannot find them on the action. I tried to change the user personalisation to small business on my cronus Danmark A/s. Still not working. Anyone?



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    The way for "correcting" an invoice is to create a credit memo and apply-to the invoice (there is a field where it says apply to)
    You can use copy document option from the credit memo.

    The same applies to correct a wrong credit memo.

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    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I know how to create a credit memo. But there's a function called correct or cancel invoice. Check the function on microsoft.
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    Did you get a solution to this issue?
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