Logical OR on the SubPageLink

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I have one FactBox on the Service Order and that FactBox has a ProviderID that it is linked to the "Service Item Line". I want to filter by two fields in the "Service Item line: like in the picture

I'm getting just one record on the FactBox. How I can make to see both of them (I need logical OR on the SubPageLink)

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  • nicolassaleronnicolassaleron Posts: 11Member
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    You cannot do that with SubPageLink.

    You can handle that by code when OnAfterGetCurrRecord occurs.

    Create a record on your table and filter like that :
    MyRec.SETFILTER("PFC No.",'%1|%2',"Provisioning PFC","Preprovisioning PFC")

    Then, send the filter to your factbox
    CurrPage."Service Item Provisioning".PAGE.SETTABLEVIEW(MyRec)
  • IvonaKIvonaK Posts: 101Member
    OK. Thanks a lot :)

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