Object designer always prompt user/password window

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HI everyone,

When I run the object designer in nav 2016 always ask for username and password. Sometimes i loose to much time typing my credentials.. is there a way to avoid this and "remember"? If i check the "remember password" it prompts again



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    It is not the NAV / Dev Environment problem, there is something wrong with your network. Get your network admin team to solve this.
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  • catiamatos1991catiamatos1991 Posts: 63Member
    Thanks, I don't have a clue about how to solve this and the team is always complaining of this situation and they are right.. I had the hope this was a NAV configuration.
  • Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Posts: 1,444Member
    It looks like the authentication tokens negotiated between user machines and the domain controller are expring very quickly.

    It may have someting to do with time synchronisation in your network, or maybe admins installed custom 3rd party security provider which enforces session expiration, or someone messed up with active directory setup, or maybe there are problems between domain controller syncronisation. Tons of things to check - but NAV is certainly not the one of them.

    Slawek Guzek
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    Go to your Service Tier - NAV Administration, Choose your service and change your Authentication from NavUserPassword to Windows. You will get rid of this.
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