Nav 2018 clickonce deployment issue

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Hi all,

I'm on a deployment of nav 2018 Cu2 clickonce client for a customer with IIS option, but I obtain some issues never encountered in the past with previous version, even that I'm following the same procedure.

Except the issue that I cannot connect directly the correct main page as before (I've to load it manually from the listing directory), when I try to launch the package installation on client side I always obtain a blank page with message "The page can not be displayed because an internal server error has occurred."

Nothing seems wrong on server side, deployment, manifest update and mage management are working fine without errors.

Anyone has some experience with this latest version of clickonce deployment?

Tout ce qui ne tue pas rend plus fort !

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  • hangyhangy Posts: 12
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    Thanks for your answer. After many tests and configurations, I've finally installed it successfully on many places, include more than one publication on a common site.
    Tout ce qui ne tue pas rend plus fort !


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