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ok so here's the deal. I find myself in the uncomfortable position of having to make a life-altering decision. I happen to be a certified senior navision consultant (and work as one) and I've had some previous experience regarding SAP R/3 - the MM module. My life was pretty simple until an old friend slapped me with a tempting SAP consultant job offer a couple of days ago. I've lost some sleep over this issue so I thought I'd bring it up over here, to see what you guys thing.


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    You have to think long term. 10 years from now. Navision with the next version will change and in 2 years will be a totaly new product. I would wait a year and see where Dynamics is headed, if it is heading in the wrong direction, I would switch to SAP or any other product.
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    If it is about job, it is on you, which job has better salary and less work... :D

    No, realy, sorry, I am not able to help you, I know only Navision part of this... (and I only know that SAP consultants and developers are more expansive)
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    And for starting up a project in Navision, we are talking about months for the big ones.
    What I heard is, that for starting up SAP, you need at least a year!
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    Navision - SAP : 4-0 for the moment.

    Actually I expected something like this in a forum dedicated to Navision. :mrgreen:
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