NAV 2018 Task Scheduler doesn't actually run tasks

northyennorthyen Member Posts: 14
So on this NAV 2018 build 19394, I have this weird problem, that enables me to schedule tasks but they never seem to actually run.

This is was I observe when I schedule a task and try to run it:

* Create a simple codeunit that does not do anything but a SLEEP command
* Schedule the codeunit to run every 5 minutes, every day
* Set the task to ready
* In a second or two, to the "Planned" field is set to "Yes"
* A record is created in the
* Then planned to goes no and nothing actually happened
* No Log Entries have been created to actually confirm it ran
* Server configuration have been setup to run tasks
* Authentication is set to Windows
* No entries related to this in event viewer

The task scheduler used to run without any issues before the IT hosting had to complete restore everything due to a system crash.

Any ideas?


  • vremeni4vremeni4 Member Posts: 323
    We had similar issues but it was intermittent. So on some days the Job queue would not run at all, and there is no error message or similar. Once you restart it it would run again.

    We resolved this by creating a new NAV Service instance only to execute task scheduler (Job queue tasks).
    We also increased "Maximum Concurrent Running Tasks" to 20
    On all other NAV services we disabled the Task scheduler.
    In other words we have a dedicated NAV Service that runs Task scheduler only.

    On the other hand if the Job Queue does not work at all I would check the settings in the NAV Service config file. (Is the task scheduler enabled )
    If the config is fine it is possible that the dll got damaged or similar in that case i would uninstall NAV 2018 and install it again.

    I hope this helps.
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