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We have a Customer running NAV 2016 today and we are discussing a fresh start in Business Central. One question that has come up is of Business Central is enough. In 5 years time they are planning to handle 50-100.000 sales orders a day. Any thoughts from You! who has ran large installations WorldShop be appreciated.


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    Enough for what? for creating 50 to 100K ? yes. you can do that. But that´s very wide question.
    I suppose orders will come from some interfaces (EDI, FTP...)
    Just try to set job queues in proper times to prevent table locks.

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    Yes I know it is a very general question. It's the way I was asked the question from the CIO. I have myself asked for more details regarding their requirements. But if I aske in this manner instead. What is the most performance optimized server setup for BC. I guess Saas is out of the question with DB limitation of 80 GB?
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    Creating and posting 50k sales order per day also means that, on average, you'd need to create and post and 50k payments a day too, post payment applications, and if you're selling items you'd need to post 50k shipments, plus perhaps relevant warehouse transactions. Then there is the purchase side of it, maybe serial numbers/item tracking, item application posting on shipment.

    This is going to be VERY, VERY challenging in BC, in my humble opinion.
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