Gap between header and detail

I have a gap between the header and the detail that I whant to delete, but i don't know how. Can anybody please hell me?


  • MCCMCC Member Posts: 10
    This is a report of Dynamics Nav 2017
  • XwiochXwioch Member Posts: 24
    Hi MCC, maybe you have a textbox with CanGrow property set to true that expands and makes the gap?
    Obviously you don't have any blank spaces/lines between header and details, right?
  • MCCMCC Member Posts: 10
    As you can see on the picture the yellow line is the end of the header, but at desig I don't have any space between the fields and the detail. I verify and i don't have any cangrow proprety set to true.

  • XwiochXwioch Member Posts: 24
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    What are these lines?


    I think they are the problem. They are in group? Maybe showing details data? CanGrow property there?

    EDIT: Can I suggest your to color lines and header? Try to put different background color for each element so you can understand which one is bigger than expected.
  • MCCMCC Member Posts: 10
    thanks Xwioch for your answers.
    I delete all lines and boxes but tge gap continues :(
  • XwiochXwioch Member Posts: 24
    There are maybe overlapped rectangles? Somtimes they can generate this kind of issue.

    Can you try to send the object? I wish to check it. Just looking screenshot is a bit hard to understand the problem. Is much better run it.
  • nav_studentnav_student Member Posts: 175
    A simple trick that you could try is:
    • Save the report with a different ID
    • Apply different colors or texts to the blank cells. Preview the report and identify which one is causing the extra space.

  • MCCMCC Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for your answers.
    Xwioch where can i send the report? I can´t attach here.

    I tried to put colors everywhear and I don't see the problem.

  • XwiochXwioch Member Posts: 24
    Where do you want. Google Drive, Dropbox.. I don't know if you have one of this, and then share the link. I don't know why mibuso block attachments. And if you can as fob please, so at least I can import it whithout problems.
  • MCCMCC Member Posts: 10
  • MCCMCC Member Posts: 10
  • XwiochXwioch Member Posts: 24
    Hi MCC,
    I imported your report in my environment but it seems to not be the same.. I mean, I miss the textbox of the electronic invoice e-mail in the layout.
    This is what I have:

    And as you can see I don't have any gap but I didn't touch anything.
  • MCCMCC Member Posts: 10
    perhaps I send the wrong link
  • MCCMCC Member Posts: 10
    Someone have any sugestions to resolve my problem? Thanks
  • lubostlubost Member Posts: 611
    Did you apply nav_student recommendation about coloring parts to find which part do the gap? What was the result?
  • MCCMCC Member Posts: 10
    Yes. It's possible to see on the pictiure that some how there's a mrginafter the fields on the header. I don't know how to take it of.

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