How do I change/overwrite the Danish OIOUBL extension?

I'm working on Business Central version 13.11 (13.0.35820.0) on-premise. Most of the code is C/SIDE but some is in extensions.

I need to make some changes to the Danish OIOUBL extension that exports an XML file.

I have the code from Microsoft, but when I try to build a package i Visual Studio Code, I get a lot of errors (fields missing etc.).

Shouldn't it be easy to add one message in the code and then build a package? I have tried with all of Microsoft Denmarks extensions inside my project, but that just gave me more errors.

So far I only need to change an if-sentence in one codeunit.


  • lyngelynge Member Posts: 80
    Hi Morten
    I've done that with success in both BC13 and 14.
    Did you generate symbols (calling finsql.exe with the right parameters after adjusting your service tier settings) and load them into visual studio?
  • MortenSteengaardMortenSteengaard Member Posts: 52
    Hi Lynge.

    I don't know how to do this, so I have just tried some things.

    I have made a Visual Studio Code project where I have made an extension to a random page. When I press F5 i VS Code, it build the package and install it. (BC is not set up to open in a web browser, but my extension is working fine, when I open BC using the client.)

    Then I copied the one codeunit (13653), I need to change, into my project in VS Code. It didn't have the new fields, Microsoft Denmark has added in some table extensions. Then I tried to add some or all AL-code from the OIOUBL-zip file into my project, but I get all kind of errors.

    I must be doing it wrong...
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