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I have an issue with the workflows that have me confused and I cannot seem to find any solution for this issue. The scenario is as follows;

We have 1 workflow that is setup under sales, MS-SOAPW where we have set certain criteria for this workflow. It is a custom field on our Sales Order for Gross Profit percent, and if the GP% on the order falls below 33% it triggers this workflow. This works just fine. But then doesnt trigger any other workflow if other criteria fail.

Example: Workflow MS-SOAPW-02 is for the Gross Profit <33% send for approval.
Workflow MS-SOCLAPW-01 for Sales Orders when the Customer has exceeded their Credit Limit.

We create a Sales Order that is below our Gross Profit percentage as well as over the credit limit. The Gross Profit workflow is triggered, they then approve the order, the order is released instead of triggering the Credit Limit workflow afterwards. Now the Order is released, the warehouse pick the product and ship, even though the customer is over is credit limit.

Is there a way to get past this or to have one workflow trigger another? I am not a developer so please respond as a consultant. If development is needed, I will have our developer figure out your possible solutions.

I did try combine both workflows into one, but that failed.

Thanks in advance



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    Anyone have a solution to this issue?
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    Hello MBClarke,
    what version are you using?

    For NAV 2018 there was a fix for "The workflow sequence does not trigger correctly." (Maybe that is the problem)
    See here:
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    Thanks Aluan, they are on NAV 2018 so will see if the hotfix will sort this out.
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    Hi all, The hotfix didnt work to solve this. Does anyone have any other ideas on what could be the issue and how to resolve?

    Thank you
  • MBClarkeMBClarke Member Posts: 29
    Does anyone have any idea on this issue? I cannot find anything online. We have tested this extensively but cannot figure out how to get this to work.

    Please can someone assist or point me in the right direction?

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    What exactly should happen when the Credit Limit is Exceeded?

    If we take your example:
    You create a Sales Order -> Trigger for Gross Profit is executed -> Approval is approved.

    So now, you could create a Workflow for the Approval. For example:
    last Approval is approved -> Check if customer credit limit is exceeded
    if limit is exceeded -> do something
    if limit is not exceeded -> set the status to released

    Maybe you can send a screenshot of the workflow you are using. So i can rebuild it =)
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    Hi Aluan,

    Thank you for your response. What should happen is that the workflow should check to see if the GP is over their limit, if so then go for approval, if not, then do nothing, and then it should trigger the credit limit workflow. If that fails, send it for approval, if it passes, do nothing.

    The person that approves for the first GP workflow is different to the person that approves for credit limit approvals, this is why I have 2 approvals setup. I think the issue is that my GP workflow states, when approved, release the document, which it should rather trigger another workflow, but I have no idea how to do that as I am not a developer and it seems my developers are struggling to figure this out.

    Attached is a screen shot my two workflows.

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