BC RDLC Reports and parameters for pdf printer (broadgun pdfmachine, gotomaxx pdfmailer, etc.)

ndbcsndbcs Member Posts: 31
Hi there,

I'm using BC 14.0 with WebClient.
I want to integrate it with a pdf printer that can be automated by inserting some command text inside the report (like here or here).

My problem is when printing an rdlc report to the pdf printer the contents is not sent as text but as vectors or graphics or something else that can not be recognized by the pdf printer as a command.

How can I make BC sending the command as text that can be recognized by the pdf printer?

I found this old thread, so it seems to be possible.

When saving the report as pdf with "Save as PDF" from BC and printing that PDF to the pdf printer the command text is correctly parsed by the pdf printer.



  • ndbcsndbcs Member Posts: 31
    The problem seems to be browser dependent.
    Edge sends text to the printer driver.
    Chrome, Firefox and IE send vectors/graphics.

    Is there a setting in chrome, to make it work like Edge?
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