Install extension error: 'Newer version exists', but I can't see it

DarkosDarkos Posts: 2Member
I am trying to install an extension on a development database, when I get the error "Cannot install the extension {name} by {company} {version} because a newer version was already installed."

I uninstalled / unpublished the versions I found with Get-NAVAppInfo (non was higher than what I was installing).
I tried to both publish and install with both VSCode and just powershell - same result.

I have also raised the version number a couple of times. It shows the updated version number in 'Extension Management', but installation still not allowed.
Running multitenant...

I made a cronus database (without multitenant), copied the objects from my development base and published/installed the extension on the cronus. This works as expected!

Any ideas, that won't throw away the data?
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