Group visibility in report request page doesn't seem to work

Hi all !
I've been currently working on a report, and I'm trying to change the visibility of a certain group, here (we'll call it MyGroup):

I have a boolean parameter on another page (let's call it MyParameter). When MyParameter is TRUE, MyGroup should be VISIBLE.
I've created a global variable named PW_GV_myGroup_VISIBLE, which takes the value of MyParameter and put it in the VISIBLE property of MyGroup

(PW_GV_myGroup_VISIBLE is instanciated in OnOpenPage() trigger)

I thought it would be working well, as it not the first time i've been doing this, but here is the error i'm getting

I thought maybe something was wrong, so I tested the VISIBLE parameter with a boolean that has nothing to do with this named OptionBoth, but with this variable it works like a charm, wheter it is instanciated to TRUE or to MyParameter.
Technically, OptionBoth and PW_GV_myGroup_VISIBLE are just simple booleans and nothing seems to be really different between these variables.
I've tried other things, but it seems to be working very randomly. Even my much more experienced coworker can't understand why it's not working.

Has this error ever occured to anyone ?
(I tried to be as clear as possible, but this is my first post on the forum and english isn't my first language :blush: )


  • lubostlubost Posts: 557Member
    You have to set parameter IncludeInDataset in global variables for this variable.
  • ValentineMValentineM Posts: 2Member
    @lubost Awesome, it works ! Thank you !
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