Create a Custom workflow response to send notification mail

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I want to send a notification mail to the user stating that the "request is approved". I'm using nav 2017.I'm thinking that creating a similar response like SendApprovalRequestForApprovalCode in codeunit 1521(Workflow response handling) with reverse functionality will help. Please give me suggestions.

User1 created a Purchase order and sends request to approver(User2). A notification Mail sent to User2
User2 Checks the mail and he approved. Now I want to send a mail to user1 with mail body ' Request is approved'.


  • nikhil01993nikhil01993 Member Posts: 7

    One way of tackling this issue since you want to use a custom template for mail will be:

    Create a custom table where entry for mails gets queued and send them using a report attached in job queue under NOTIFY category.

    Now since you are using NAV 2017 there is functionality of Events and Subscriptions so you can subscribe to field trigger - Status-On Validate of table approval entry and create a mail entry in the new Email Entry table whenever Status changes from Open -> Approved.

    This won't need any modification in standard code so you'll be safe.
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