NAV License for third-party integrators?


Our clients have several third party systems that they wish to integrate to. Our understanding was that once we create and publish the Web Services, we would have to create a NAV Full User and give that to the third party integrator so that they can query the Web Service to pull data out of NAV.

Question - is that the correct approach from a licensing standpoint?

I do not believe that External Users are suitable for this because they would be reading data from the ERP. Is that correct or are External Users an option?

We have referred to the Microsoft Licensing Guide but unfortunately they do not seem to address this point directly,

Thank you


  • As far as I know you need a license if the third party software is used by the customer himself. Then every user of the third Party Software Needs a License.

    If the third Party Software is used by customers of the customers e.g. webshops then you just Need one full user
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    As above, but they do not need a full user. It’s free, when not used internally.
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