I am having an issue where I am using SETSELECTIONFILTER in the OnAfterGetCurrRecord of a listpart. I am using this trigger to total the values of a certain column within the selection. However, there seems to be a difference between the value when selected with the mouse (either click+drag or shift-click) and when selected with the keyboard (Shift held + arrow up or arrow down).

The issue was described three years ago in this forum post: but it has not received any answer as to how this issue could be resolved. Because I didn't want to revive a three-year old thread, I figured I'd make a new one instead. Do you guys have any idea as to why this is happening and how to solve it?


  • RobyRRobyR ItalyPosts: 39Member
    No idea about the issue, it seems to be a bug.. anyway, the easiest solution should be an ugly "recalc" page action
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