See C/AL table changes in AL

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Let's play with the thought that I have a table change made in C/AL, that I need to access from A/L. How would I do this?

My experience is that sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn't.


New AL project.
Download Symbols from Service.
Able to see table changes in A/L.

Again, sometimes it works, but sometimes VS code looses track of the field, and the extension won't compile.

Any suggestions or experiences?


  • SanderDkSanderDk Posts: 94Member
    When you change the table in C/Side you have to generate symbol:

    Then you can acces all of the new fields and functions.
  • idonavidonav Posts: 26Member
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    I've generated the symbols after my table changes, though, the error persists:

    "The source of a Column or Filter must be a field defined on the table referenced by its parent DataItem [AL0345]"

    Again, sometimes it works, (randomly), but most times it just displays the above error.

    Added information: Running NAV 2018.

    OK so I've tried running finsql.exe using generatesymbolreference=yes and half of the time it works, half of the time it doesn't Could there be some kind of delay?
  • SanderDkSanderDk Posts: 94Member
    It sounds weird, I work on multiple NAV 2018 installations, and I have not seen it before.
    How is your service tier configured?
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