Bar-code not visible on report in Web Client

krreggkrregg Posts: 4Member
I have a problem with report in Web Client, it doesn't show actual bar code, it shows numbers instead. If I open same report in RTC, bar code appear normally as expected. I installed test font fre3of9x.ttf (from here: on my computer. Report is being developed locally on my computer so font is somehow accessible. I also check IIS for any additional settings, where I can see files *.ttf are allowed and no other settings found.

I am not sure why bar codes are not visible on reports which are generated trough Web Client, but they are when report is generated from RTC.

The same story is with Preview or Direct Print to printer or PDF (Web client doesn't want to show bar codes, but RTC will).

I am working on latest version of NAV Dynamics 365 and report is developed trough extension and not directly trough Devel. Env.

Does anyone know what could be the problem?


  • krreggkrregg Posts: 4Member
    I realized that any non-standard font isn't working in web client. I tried to download random font from google fonts and I add it to the report. This font didn't appear in web client, but it is in RTC.
    Any idea how to solve it?
  • SanderDkSanderDk Posts: 94Member
    Have you installed the font on the NAV Server?
  • krreggkrregg Posts: 4Member
    @SanderDk thank you for your reply!

    I fixed it, not really sure how but I did it this way: Because I am working on local machine I installed font only on my machine. After, I opened IIS (Internet Information Services) and I restarted the instance and then it started to work as expected. Custom font (for bar-code) is now visible on report from Web Client, also printing work smoothly. I guess you need to restart service after any change like this.
    SanderDk wrote: »
    Have you installed the font on the NAV Server?

    I am still little bit confused because I am not truly sure why it started working after restart besides font is installed like any other on my local machine... Any thoughts? Maybe I didn't understand everything totally. @SanderDk where and how to install font on the NAV server? If you could explain bit more about that I would appreciate it very much. I couldn't find any useful information on Internet about it.
  • SanderDkSanderDk Posts: 94Member

    When you do a custom font, and it needs to be visible for NAV I usually do.
    - Install the Font on the NAV server (ControlPanel -> Fonts -> check if it is installed correctly)
    - Enable Font to be embedded

    - And in the report set PDFFontEmbedding

    After that I haven't had any fonts that does not work :-)
    But it is good to hear that you fixet it yourself :-)
  • krreggkrregg Posts: 4Member
    Thank you for that! I think I understood that right, yes it's good feeling when we fix it by yourself. :)
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