Optimizing list pages with flow fields

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I noticed that having the completely shipped column on the sales order list page is a huge performance suck. Stock NAV for me (2015 with Cronus) sees 1289 reads just by sorting the Location Code column. Now, if I take out the Completely Shipped column, that number comes down to 28. I recognize that there will be an increase in reads by bringing in a separate table, but in our live database, the number of reads starts to become too large for good performance.

Have people rewritten this column to be more performant? Is there a key that could be added to the sales line table that could speed up the performance? Or should I just remove all the flow fields from list pages and put the computations into the fact boxes on the right?


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    You can check in SSMS what kind of index it proposes for this kind of query. Then check in NAV if there's a key group that you can activate to solve the issue. If not, you can create the key like proposed.
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    The best performing solution is to remove flowfields form the page and put them in a factbox.
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