How to print in Arabic for POS Receipt

Dear Friends,

I am using Nav 2005 and Nav 2009 with LS Retail. I want print bills/receipts in Arabic. Now the government made it mandatory
will you suggest me the solution please.

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  • xStepaxStepa Posts: 38Member
    Hi, you have to provide more informations, such as which codepage do you use for your NAV 5.0 database, internal codepage of LSR, connection bridge and what type of print are you looking for ...

    It seems to be more like a LSR problem. If you have an arabic codepage, than you should be able also to print it. Obviously it's not that case, so we have to wait for additional info from you :)
  • kmkaotkmkaot Posts: 176Member
    I am using W1 version with LS retail. Here government wants print POS Receipt in english and arabic.
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