Sales Return and Rework Production Order

Toddy_BoyToddy_Boy Posts: 211Member
Hi All

Dynamics Navision 2013

We are looking at the Sales Return Process. It's straight forward enough to receipt faulty goods back from Customers however the next step is raising some questions.

The complication comes is what we do with the items returned to us to get them to a point they can be shipped back to the customer, it is better to repair the fault and ship back rather than replace the item with a new one.

We have to perform some production rework which will include consuming extra components. So if our item number is FG-1001, would we create a production order for FG-1001 and have that consume an FG-1001 plus some extra components? An alternate thinking is we create a new item RW-1001 which consumes FG-1001 and the extra components.

Has has anyone else approached this problem? Any views would be helpful.
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  • allenyyzhouallenyyzhou Posts: 139Member
    Hi Toddy_Boy

    My personal suggestion is create a new Item RW-1001. Because if my memory is correct, for the earlier CU of NAV 2013, there will be cost calculation issue when item consume itself in production order.
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