Create a new user from the "job queue".

I am trying to create a new user from the job queue in Dynamics NAV 2017. And having the service tier user do the creating.
I have created a codeunit that to create the users.
But when the service tier user executes the job queue entry (and the codeunit), the following error occurs when the execution of the job queue entry COMMITs:
"You must assign at least one user the SUPER permission set and configure that user to log in with authentication type 'Windows', which is supported by the current server instance".
If I log in and executes the codeunit that creates the new users, all is fine and the users are created.
There are already many users/windows users in the "User table" with SUPER-permissions.
The service tier user is also "SUPER".
Is it not possible to have the service tier user create users in the user table (yable 2000000120)?


  • JuhlJuhl Posts: 676Member
    Maybe service user don't have permission to look up windows users in AD.
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  • frankmortensenfrankmortensen Posts: 39Member
    The error occurs at the very end of the job queue execution. So the function is executed without errors.
  • viljarpviljarp Posts: 1Member
    Hi! Have you fond a solution? We get the same error when removing permissions with Job Queue in NAV 2017 CU27.
  • frankmortensenfrankmortensen Posts: 39Member
    No. I never found a solution. Instead the customer was instructed in using powershell.
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