Is Dynamics NAV career promising and progressive?



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    Thanks Mohana for your input.

    any other input please?
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    Well, I know two things about AX 1) it does not have a such a large and helpful community 2) in the past it used to be less reliable than NAV, but have way more features and more modern development environment.

    But the point is, what is the point of moving horizontally? Try to move up like project management, that makes sense, but why would you sacrifice your expert status at Software X for a rookie status for a quite similar Software Y ? This makes no sense at all. I would only leave NAV if it would be a PROMOTION - because otherwise anything else I do is a DEMOTION from expert status to beginner status, so a loss of rank.
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    In this area NAV will loose those customers because upgrading or choosing a different ERP is costing the same.

    If it would work like that, that would be actually the better option. If the ERP world would work so that the full costs are knowable all the time at the beginning of a project, so it would be either a good sell or no sell, it would be great. But bad sales are more typical.

    What will actually happen is that the current, experienced partner will quote like 100 days. That will not be acceped. Another partner who is either too inexperienced to estimate accurately or simply too hungry for sales and is thus willing to work partially for free, will quote 30 days and it will be accepted.

    What happens afterwards is pretty much out of luck. Maybe the partner has inexperienced but dedicated guys who just fight through it and finish the upgrade. Maybe they get into lawsuits with the customer, in a typical you said - he said way. Maybe it won't be upgraded at all.

    But seriously, I don't see the scenario of being quoted 100 days then then choosing another software. Which another one? At the moment every competitor (SAP, Oracle, and then not much else) is more expensive. There is hardly any competition. On the other end there is e.g. Fabien Pinckaer's fabulous Odoo practically for free, just consulting. But that does not have a big brand stamp like Microsoft or SAP printed on it and you know how important it is, NAV would have never grown so big if not for the brand name. So I don't see this happening.

    The most likely path is for must customers with a lot of customizations is perpetually putting it off then at some point a huge "Oh sh.t!" moment when a huge tax update won't be released for their version, or a new Windows cannot run the old client etc. etc. From that point on anything can happen.
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