Running Dynamics NAV on Azure

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Session title: Running Dynamics NAV on Azure
Date: Thursday, 27 september 2012
Time: 11:30 - 13:00
Level: 300 - Advanced
Speakers: Christian Heide Damm, Jens Møller-Pedersen, Stefan Omdahl

Session description:
With Dynamics NAV 2013 partners will have the opportunity to host Dynamics NAV on Azure. Hosting a service on Azure is different from implementing and supporting an on-premise solution and requires the partner to learn about new authentication methods, monitoring capabilities and administration tools. This session is mainly about the changes we have made to the product to enable the cloud scenario, but it will also cover how we see partners maintaining and updating a hosted NAV solution.

Topics will include:
  • First time deployment of your Dynamics NAV solution on Azure
  • Setting up authentication using ACS
  • Administration and monitoring of the Dynamics NAV Service
  • Automating the update of Dynamics NAV clients
  • Updating the Dynamics NAV service with platform and application hotfixes

Use this thread to post your questions, comments or things you would like to see in this session at the conference.
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  • agentnikagentnik Member Posts: 9
    Can you give me any pointers towards how I set up the ACS identity provider for NAV?
  • mdPartnerNLmdPartnerNL Member Posts: 802
    + How does the licensing work?
  • Jens_M-PJens_M-P Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 39
    In the session we will go through several authentication options - including setting up NAV and ACS to use e.g. LiveID, so I hope that you will join the session.

    Regarding licensing terms, then I have learnt that it is better to leave that discussion to the licensing team. As a development team we just implement what is needed to fit a given license structure. So you should not expect a walkthrough of the licensing terms, sorry.
    Best regards,
    Jens Møller-Pedersen [MSFT]

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  • AdamRobinsonAdamRobinson Member Posts: 1
    Can we upload NAV Customisations to NAV on Azure? Are there any limitations in this regard?
  • Marije_BrummelMarije_Brummel Member, Moderators Design Patterns Posts: 4,262
    Went to this session and actually it was a session on hosting NAV on a VM.

    For whatever reason the real azure stuff was cut from the RTM. So no webroles, workerroles and scalabilty.

    In this release NAV on "Azure" means renting an Azure VM which is not even possible yet.

    And here I thought Kiril said "All big new ERP releases will run on Azure..."
  • Jens_M-PJens_M-P Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 39
    Regarding the customizations - then yes, you can upload customizations to the Azure VM. If it is only application changes, then it will be part of the database - if you have .Net addins, then these would then also need to be uploaded to the machine.

    For client-side addins you can also add it to your RTC deployment folder and get it downloaded to the client through ClickOnce
    Best regards,
    Jens Møller-Pedersen [MSFT]

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  • stomdahlstomdahl Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 12
    Regarding ACS configuration, then we will soon provide a blog post, that describes how to configure NAV authentication using ACS.

  • SD-JRSD-JR Member Posts: 94
    Hi All,

    Installed the Nav2013 client and config at the conference (

    Installed fine and connected fine - but error now when trying to connect
    Am using the U: NavUser : Password1234

    Oneclick and Nav launching and updating getting login screen but using above credentials fails with fault code "invalid security"

    Has something changed?


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    skype: gf.simplydynamics
  • tinoruijstinoruijs Member Posts: 1,226
    Ger, no problems here. I'm logged in now.

    Tino Ruijs
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV specialist
  • tinoruijstinoruijs Member Posts: 1,226
    Too bad.
    There is an error: "A server error has occurred, and the content cannot be displayed. Refresh the page or open a new browser window."

    Anybody no problems logging in?

    Tino Ruijs
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV specialist
  • alsolalsol Member Posts: 243
    Are there any documents (screencast, presentation) available from this session?
  • gmavroggmavrog Member Posts: 7
    Hi All,

    Also you can run NAV 2009 in an Azure VM with no problems.
    I have installed for one of my clients 5 NAV 2009 on a Azure Virtual Machine. Each NAV2009 is running in a separated instance of a SQL Server because are in different localizations.
    Users are connecting from different countries to NAV 2009 using certificates and don't have, to be member of the domain.
    Till now response time is very good

    Kind regards
  • ROLAROLA Member Posts: 15
    Managed to set up ACS for Live-Id with WebClient, but not for the Windows Client.
    It would be great to have access to the scripts and config-files shown at NAVTechDays2012.

    Been reading MSDN articles over and over, but they are not complete as regarding Azure-configuration with NAV Windows Client.
  • defiant701defiant701 Member Posts: 79
    Dear all,

    after several deployments on AZURE I was trying to use the ACS also for These deployments. So far there seems to be still a mistake in the Relying Party Applications Parameters. I haven't found any hints on that so far, even not for the TechDays 2012. I suggest it might be a Problem in the REALM and in the Return URL. My deployment Looks like so what should be the

    REALM: ??
    RETURN URL: ??

    or different?

    Debuggers don't remove bugs, they only show them in slow-motion

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