Integration of Siebel CRM with NAVISION

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I'm very new to integration part of navision with Siebel CRM. I have some doubts in this integration. Actually my client is using siebel CRM currently. They are going to use NAVISION too. Now they want to integrate Siebel CRM with Navision. So, I need to know the following doubts. Kindly assist me on how to achieve this.

1. What are the checklists and pre-requisites to be followed for integration?

2. Hardware/software requirements for the integration.

3. Is there any integration adapters or methods available to integrate siebel crm with NAVISION (both in Online/offline mode)?

2. Is there any link available to get the pictorial representation on how the integration is done and how it works?

Thanks in advance. =D>
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    you are tyring to reinvent the wheel

    a few solutions out there for this already

    or the to-increase site

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    Hi @thankesh

    Siebel CRM Integration and XML with Navision
    Siebel Business Applications support for XML allows you to communicate with any Siebel application or external application that can read and write XML (either arbitrary XML or Siebel XML, also known as the Siebel Message format).

    XML documents are delivered directly to and from Siebel Business Applications, or through middleware using any of the supported transports: HTTP, IBM WebSphere MQ, File, and so on. XML communicated in this way can query the Siebel Database, upsert (update or insert) data, synchronize the two systems, delete data, or execute a workflow process.

    Objects from various systems, such as Siebel business objects and Oracle application data, can be represented as Siebel integration objects.

    Siebel CRM can also communicate bidirectionally with Web services using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), and Representational State Transfer (REST) through Siebel Application Integration (SAI) for Oracle Fusion Middleware. For details, see Integration Platform Technologies: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration and Siebel Application Integration for Oracle Fusion Middleware Guide.

    NOTE: If you do a minimal client installation, make sure you select the XML parser option; otherwise, you will encounter the following error when attempting to run any client process that uses the XML parser: Unable to create the Business Service 'EAI XML Converter.' The XML parser is included by default in the full installation.
    Ware thechoose a CRM-system, often significant factors are the proficiency of Siebel CRM development and the presence of a vertical solution for a particular industry. Naturally, the use of "best practice" processes, for example, for a bank can significantly minimize project risks and accelerate the achievement of desired results... But to implement the efficient automation of customer service is almost impossible without a high quality CRM system integration into the existing infrastructure of the company.

    It's about the integration issues basing on the example of Oracle Siebel CRM I would like to write today. This choice depends not only on the fact that the CRM system is the core of our company's product portfolio, but also because, in my opinion, this product has the best integration features in its segment.

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