Deposits - applying entries credit memos & invoices

dahlia94040dahlia94040 Member Posts: 33
Can anyone tell me why I'm getting this message when I try to post a cash receipt or deposit after I did application entries that includes credit memos?

Please apply only credits to debits.
If using the Apply Customer Entries form, please check the following:
- Only one Negative (Payment or Credit memo) entry should be applied at teh same time
- When posting the application, the cursor should be placed in the Negative entry

I was able to do this in Cronus on anothe database with no problems. I don't understand.

Your help is appreciated!!!!


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    jannestigjannestig Member Posts: 999
    Remove the credit note application then apply it to the customer message afterwards from the customer ledger entries

    As to why you get this, it maybe different version Cronus V your version or some addom you have

    i have never seen that one before.
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    dahlia94040dahlia94040 Member Posts: 33
    Found out this is related to code by an add-on for commissions.
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