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When trying to transform some forms to pages I ham getting a '; should come here' error which doesn't actually give any hint where 'here' actually is. [-X I've gone through all the code on the form and the transformed pages.xml in notepad and can't see any likley suspects. Does anyone have any ideas on how to track this error down?


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    If you haven't done so already, you could try a text-export of the form to see if you maybe missed some code.
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    You ran into a bug in the transformation tool.

    It generates a pages.xml file containing a line like this:
    [email protected] : TextConst 'ENU=Do you accept the End User License Agreement?;ESM=¿Desea aceptar el contrato de licencia para el usuario final?;FRC=Acceptez-vous le contrat de licence d'utilisation?;ENC=Do you accept the End User License Agreement?';
    If you replace ' with '' in the french text (d'utilisation -> d''utilisation) then you can import pages.xml.

    We are working on a hotfix for the transformationtool to fix this issue.

    The issue stems from a label on your form having this text. Labels doesn't exist in RTC, so they become variables and captions on fields are set to the value of this variable.
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    Many thanks for the response. You were absolutely right I had used a single quote mark on one of label captions on the form. If I change it the form trasnforms fine.
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