What happen to 'find as you type' in Navision 2009 RTC



  • rhpntrhpnt Posts: 688Member
    couberpu wrote:
    I do want to share that we are having average 10+% growth every year since we got NAV 3.6 and we did not need to add too many people to handle the increase of sales. We are still growing today and ..Well, that is not important for this discussion but just want to express what NAV 3.60 did for us.
    We're all glad that that your company is doing so well. Although I don't believe that only NAV 3.6 did that...
    Couber, I think you created confusion when you wrote this. I think what you meant to say was ...but we need find as you type to continue to grow at our current rate...
    It's still nonsense. Praising or blaiming ONE ERP function for a company's growth (or not) is plain stupid. But wait...maybe the global crisis has something to do with so many companies upgrading to NAV 2009 RTC and abandoning "find as you type"... :-k
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