internal error 1367 in module 19

danialdanial Member Posts: 2
When i try to compile form 21 (customer card) i get the message "internal error 1367 in module 19"
Anyone got an idea what to do to solve this problem?


  • Timo_LässerTimo_Lässer Member Posts: 481
    Internal Error 1367 in Module 19
    Module 19 = Database-Errors (see also Module 34)
    Errorcode: 1246551
    Description: #Err_DB_TableNotSpecified

    (Possible) Reason(s):
    Table not defined or not specified.
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  • AntidotEAntidotE Member Posts: 60
    Sorry for upping so old topic, maybe, someone find it helpful...

    I got the same error when tried to compile form. The cause of this problem was in absence of another form.
    options in one of MenuItems:
    RunObject=Form <absent form ID>;
                Field1=FIELD(No.) }
    When I have added it, everything compiled without problems.
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  • kabrocokabroco Member Posts: 108
    Replying on an old topic:

    I got this error for 3 objects. And the all point to one specific page/form. The compiling process stops on these objects (I compiled only the pages). I get the messsage: Microsoft Dynamics NAV does not react anymore, cloes program (button). After pressing the button, the compiling proces goes on.

    Why does the error not say: form/page 12345 does not exist? Like normal?

    Trying to solve something else, but maybe this is related to my problem.

    Any ideas?

    edit: deleted last line, was not correct.
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