Great Plain (GP) is failed

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Dear All,
I was visited someone (my friend) in a steel company located not far from Jakarta. I ask about dynamics whether they use or not, and they said they have ever used GP but failed and make their computers hang if there are 5 or mroe users work concurrently. Also they said that they can used it because there are many requirement that can't be fit by GP. Finally they use in house software. I don't know about the vendor supplied them with GP. The company is a group of companies consists of 5 companies. (intercompany system but one accounting division).
After heard it, I offer navision and currently scheduled for demo.
I wonder why the GP failed. :-k



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    Shouldn't you ask them why GP failed in the first place? Even if you are successful in converting them to Navision, you might encounter the same (technical and non-technical) problems as they had with GP.
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    Personally, I don't think that navision will be the alternative for this case. After all both Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV are microsoft products and they have many similarities. Of course you will find many features that distinguish every software. But since the company will be implementing an ERP solution, the question here is: Do the company have the right structure ( Technology & Human Resources ) in order to succeed in implementing such a solution.
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