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    Yes, the SQL 2005, VS2005 especially with Reporting Services getting really integrated - I think they want to develop into something like Access or Navision, a fully integrated database-software development environment. It's OK, the only thing I don't like is why on earth would anybody want to put business logic into compiled binaries and recompile the earth on each small modification. I wish they had put more resources into developing IronPython, which is the ideal interpreted business logic language for connecting VS forms with SQL2005 tables.
  • Miklos_HollenderMiklos_Hollender Member Posts: 1,597

    if I understand you correctly, it means writing stored procedures in C# instead of T-SQL? That could be a good idea. Like in PostGres, when one can write stored procedures in Perl, Python, Ruby, whatever...
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    yep, you can write Stored procedures in C# instead of T-SQL. Although it's not as fast as T-SQL, but it makes it lot simpler to do data manipulation.
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    ... which could mean an Object-Relationan Mapper right in the database. Wow!

    About Object - Relation Mappers: have anybody tried Ideablade DevForce?
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