VAR reserved object numbers and On-Premises customer licenses

urpokurpok EspooMember Posts: 23
We have recently been granted object numbers from MS in order to develop our own apps into the AppSource, and we have currently transformed some of our standard modules from region 50000 and 60000 to this number series. Apps are not (yet) published to AppSource, but they can still be installed into the cloud version nicely, and it works very well.
We were quite surprised when we found out that when we try and install that extension to on-premises, the customer license did not allow that.
MS Business Center license configurator doesn't seem to have a switch to allow our number series to be used on-premises license either, and MS seems to be unable to help us with this issue.
Do you, dear community, have experience what we should do? Do we really have to create two separate extensions, one for on-premises with 50000 series and one for cloud with our own series?
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  • DuikmeesterDuikmeester Hoorn, The NetherlandsMember Posts: 304
    Yes, PTE en Global extension cannot share the same AppId and objectnumber range.
  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,277
    Your number range will need to be added to the licensing system as a granule, so that it can also be used for OnPrem. When you requested the number range, the Excel sheet has options to make this happen. If you don't know how to do this, you can send an email to Microsoft and ask them for some help, they will be happy to get this done for you.
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