How to mark records automatically when opening a list page?

Hi experts,

I have made a new list page that shows some records in Business Central cloud.

I would like that when the page is shown, all the records are marked automatically.

Then the user can unmark some of them and press a button.

I know that the function "Mark(true)" can mark a record, but I cannot see it on the page.

How do I do that?


  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 453
    Perhaps you might want to write a code on the open page trigger of the page and mark the record and filter on marked records. You will find the example of that code if you search.
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  • MortenSteengaardMortenSteengaard Member Posts: 109
    Hi Developer101,

    Thank you for your reply. I have done as you suggested, but I cannot make it show on screen that the records are selected. In the open page trigger on the page, I have added this code:


    until Rec.Next() = 0;


    (I only open the page, if there is at least one record to show.)

    I have made a solution, where I have added a new field (a boolean called "Marked") to the record. I set it on all the records, I show, and then the user can unmark, whatever he/she wants. This works fine, but of course I would prefer, if the user would select these records in exactly the same way as other records in Business Central. But it seems, that is not implemented by Microsoft (yet).
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