Installa extension to BC ver 14, does not show up in BC

After a installation of an extension, everything went ok, no errors

The extension is is in Extensions mgt. but is visibel in BC anywhere

Its is in the BC where we develop the ext. and also in other BC ver 14, but not in "this one"

Other extions is installed and working

Any ideas how to get visibel.


  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 523
    Sorry did not get your question? If I have understood right, you have an installer extension which is not visible in the extension management, is my understanding correct?
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  •[email protected] Member Posts: 9
    I ext is installed and is also in the Extensions mgt, to see and installed.
    Its inside BC 14 i cant see / find the ext. Their should be a menu in the ribbon of Jobs. It is their in my develoment, and else where I install the ext.
  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 523
    I kind of understood now. Your pages need usagecategory and applicationarea set.
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  • Thanks, but as I wrote, its works on other installations of ver 14, on this it dosent, thats the issue
  •[email protected] Member Posts: 9
    and the setting you give me i already their
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