Update Allow posting From/To on the General Ledger Setup

Hi, I'm new to NAV so excuse me if it's not the smartest question. I have a developer license and I'm trying to update the "Allow posting from" and "Allow Posting To" fields in the GLS to the next month at midnight

Could anyone please let me know how this can be done? I'm trying to find from where those fields are populated but no luck so far.

NAV Version


  • AluanAluan Member Posts: 152
    Hello mustafaAlsoufi,
    do you need it change through code, or can you change it manually?
    The first Screenshot looks like the correct page, so you can it edit here. You just need to change from View to Edit mode. There is probably a Button unter the HOME Tab.

    If you need it do through code, the Table for it is "General Ledger Setup". You can see more details if you use the CTRL+ALT+F1 Shortcut at a specific page (Tablename, Pagename, Fields etc.).
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