Using FlowFilter on Query object via ODataV4 (NAV17)

natanielxnatanielx Member Posts: 2

I am trying to create a simple Query with Item Inventory, then I want to call it with OData using Location_Filter.

I created a Query object:

and when I call
/ODataV4/Company('TEST04')/ItemStock?$filter=No eq '16721'
it works fine, but when I try to filter on Location:
/ODataV4/Company('TEST04')/ItemStock?$filter=No eq '16721' and Location_Filter eq 'MAIN'
I get an error:
{"error": {
   "code": "",
   "message": "Could not find a property named 'Location_Filter' on type 'NAV.ItemStock'."

Is there a way to use FlowFilter on Query object via OData? I need to do it dynamically (call different filters every time), so I cannot hardcode it into the Query.


  • natanielxnatanielx Member Posts: 2
    OMG, never mind. I added the "Location Filter" as a filter in Query and it works now :)
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