Is there a way to debug a standard API call?

kenyokenyo Member Posts: 39
edited 2022-05-05 in NAV Three Tier
Since the objects are hidden i can't find a way to debug them. I copied the entire salesOrder API to replicate it but i get different results passing the same Json. A "you must specify a document id to get the lines." Error on the custom API but it works on the standard API

    "customerNumber": "10000",
        "itemId": "291b546c-1473-ec11-bb83-000d3aa85d68",
        "quantity": 5
        "itemId": "2d1b546c-1473-ec11-bb83-000d3aa85d68",
        "quantity": 3


  • kenyokenyo Member Posts: 39
    I found a way with using the "breakOnRecordWrite": true property in my launch config
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