Filters on Queries

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I created a simple query that returns some data from table 36 and others from table 37, so far so good. Now I would like to filter the data, and I would like to let the user do that. I thought it would be an idea to call a page from the query's OnBeforeOpen trigger where you can enter the values ​​and then have them retrieved via a getter:

Problem: The rcoGetSalesPersonFieldService function seems to be called and the query starts before the page opens.
Before that I tried to call up the query via a report, problem: The query is then called up but doesn't stay open, which means I would probably have to save the data. Actually, that's too cumbersome for me, I just want to display the data and then copy it to Excel, for example. I have to say that I'm not quite on you with queries (you can tell for sure).

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  • bbrownbbrown MAMember Posts: 3,219
    Create a process-only report to accept the user's filters. Then call the query within that report and pass the filters.
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