Retain Dimensions field error

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I'm trying to troubleshoot an ongoing issue that is happening when Adjust Cost is being processed. We have created a Codeunit that processes Adjust Cost at night after posting has been completed. This has been running for over 10 years but occasionally, we have an issue where the system will crash when Adjust Cost is started. This is run through NAS and we're not seeing any errors on the server.

Last night we had a situation where we had to run Posting/Adjust Cost manually and the following error came up just after Posting was completed and NAV was starting to process Adjust Cost. I'm at a loss since I can't find a Retain Dimension field in our database. I'm not finding anything on Google or Mibuso either. Anyone else run into this error? Additional info - A user was in the system at the time of the error and was modifying a record in NAV. I'm researching if what they were doing would have locked dimensions.

"Another user has modified the selected dimensions for the Retain Dimensions field after you retrieved it from the database. Enter your changes again in the Dimension Selection window by clicking the AssistButton on the Retain Dimension field."


  • txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 480
    The error message suggests me some other process or person changed that table in the database.

    I would try to reproduce myself with debugger on. Try filtering blocked=false, this will reduce the load drastically.
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