Print 2 consecutive reports using Business Central

armelaarmela Member Posts: 20
I have a requirement where the client wants multiple(2) reports to print automatically when the status is changed on a form. I have been able to successfully print all the reports from code individually, and they download on the downloads folder, However when I try to run more than 1, only the last report goes in the downloads folder.
Client is using BC365 on Prem.
Any ideas on how to get all 2 reports to go to the downloads folder ?
I am calling the reports this way

REPORT.Run(ItemJnlTemplate."Posting Report ID", false, false, ItemReg);
REPORT.Run(51141, false, false, ItemReg);

If I change the bold variable to true, I get a request page and I can print, but I do not want to get a request page.


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