Unable to post Purchase Invoice

Pooja_786Pooja_786 Member Posts: 20
Posted a Purchase Receipt for GL Lines( Productive Indirect Cost) and there is Quantity in "Qty received but not invoiced" field is 123
But while posting the Purchase invoice "Quantity Received" field is getting Blank.
And we are getting belowerror:
"You cannot invoice Order xyz for more than you have received."

Please share your thoughts on this issue


  • PascualPascual Member Posts: 7
    Table 39 - "Qty. to Invoice" > "Qty. Rcd. Not Invoiced"
  • Pooja_786Pooja_786 Member Posts: 20
    Hi Pascual,
    Purchase Receipt is posted for Quantity=123, &Qty received not invoiced = 216
    But in Corresponding Purchase order GL lines fields like quantity Received is showing "Zero".

    I think there should be 123 instead 0
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