Creating Multiple Local BC Docker Sandboxes

MattHMattH Member Posts: 12

I am trying to understand how to create multiple local BC Sandboxes in Docker for different customers. Each customer has a different codebase, so I believe that Tennating does not apply.

I am using the PowerShell Extension New-NavBCContainer that's within the .ps1 script "CreateBCSandbox" that you can download from the BC Web Client.

I can create the first Sandbox (for Customer "A") without an issue. I can connect to it with VS Code, download symbols and publish to it, etc.

I then created a second sandbox (for Customer "B"), but this broke Customer "A". I could no longer connect to it, until I stopped the other Sandbox, for Customer "B". I was still getting "the default tennant does not exist" errors.

I deleted the Sandbox for Customer "B" (rebooted) and all was good with the Sandbox for Customer "A" again.

Can anyone assist with what I might be doing wrong? I don't know if I am utilising Docker incorrectly, or if I am not specifying the all of the options when creating the Sandbox.

I notice that there's an "Instance" field, that always gets set to 'BC'. I rememeber with previous 3-tier "on-prem" installations, the Instance gave you the speration between customers.

Please can anyone assit me with this. Thanks in advance.


  • manjumanju Member Posts: 19
    Hi, specifying isolation 'hyperv' explicitly for every container helped me to resolve this. Please try this out.
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