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Hi we have a situation, where we have received X quanity from a purchase order in our warehouse location.That X quanittiy was tranasfered to Internal Locations via Transfer Orders.
Now the buyer realizes that there is some issue with the Dimensions on PO, so thinking to Undo-Receive it and receive on correct Dimensions.
When we bring back all the X items from Transferred location to the base(warehouse) location. And tries to do a Undo Receipt we get below error:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Entries applied to an Outbound Transfer cannot be unapplied.

Any ways to resolve this ?


  • bbrownbbrown MAMember Posts: 3,175
    Short answer is you can't do an undo because you have already applied the received entry to another outbound transaction (the transfer shipment). An undo need to be applied to the original entry of the receipt you are reversing.

    Solution: Entry and post a Purchase Return Order (or Credit memo) and assign the "Applies-To Entry" to the Item ledger create by the Transfer Receipt that brought the inventory back to the location. Then use that credit to offset the invoice of the original purchase.

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