Import Data by xmlPort - one File in different Tables

EmazEmaz Member Posts: 18

possible someone can help me out with my problem.

I have a CSV file with 400 columns that I want to import with an xmlport into tables in NAV. For this I have created 4 tables with x fields and an xmlport.

Structure of the xmlport see appendix.

The Entry No I pass no per data record and table.

There is no LinkTable connection between the tables.

My problem is that the import only works for first table. In Tables 2 - 4 no Talbes arrive.

Does somebody has any idea? I would like to avoid transferring all 400 fields by code.

Thank you and best Regards




  • aniishaniish Member Posts: 27
    Hi Emaz,

    Are you using primary key in this excel for all the tables ?

    Also can you provide .txt file of xml port so i can see further in this.

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