Devide Existing entry Nos by 10

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to divide all the EXISTING Entry Nos by 10 as it reached the maximum limit(The range for 32bits is 2,147,483,648).

So by dividing all the existing Entry No. and by changing the incrementation from 10,000 to 1000, I would extend how many more lines I can add, which is about 10x.

My question is how can I divide the Existing Entry Nos and should I add the code in the table or somewhere else?

Thank you in advance.


  • mustafaAlsoufimustafaAlsoufi Member Posts: 20
    Also, please note that Entry No. is the only key in the table and I want to keep it that way.
  • Me_OntourMe_Ontour Member Posts: 11

    there are a few things to consider
    Is there a tabelrelatiuon from another Table?
    Can all Entries divieded by 10 or are there entries like

    How long did it take to reach the full range of an integer (Is 10 enough or should it be an increment by 1)


    Table2 := Table;
    Table2.Rename(Table."Entry No." DIV 10);

    until = 0;

    If You can use SQL you can try someting like

    Update Table
    Set "Entry No." = "ENTRY NO:" / 10


    if you would like to renumber from the beginning

    DECLARE @NewEntryNo int = 1

    Update Table
    Set "Entry No_" = @NewEntryNo
    ,@NewEntryNo += 1

    Cheers Chris

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