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Hi I would like to create a factbox through which I can display all images in the Picture mediaset field in the Item record.
Can anyone advise how I can achieve this? It seems by default only the first image in the Mediaset is displayed.
Perhaps by having a Next and Previous action to iterate throu the mediaset images and display them.

Thank you


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    As standard an item record displays a single image as only one image can be imported for one item. If you import another one the picture will be replaced. Your will need modification.

    My suggestion is to create a new table with fields Item No., Line No. (composite key) and a Picture (Mediaset )field

    Create a new factbox (copy the existing one) , this factbox will have the new table as a source.
    Change bit of behind the factbox page , you dont have to do much just fix few things to make it work with the new table.
    Add two new actions to the page , one previous and other for next and code behind the actions will be NEXT(-1) and NEXT(+1) respectively.


    The relationship between item and this new table will be one to many in order to store more that 1 record. Of course you need to add the logic to insert new record to the new table when new picture is inserted from item card, and logic to delete the record as well.
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  • jimmyfjimmyf Member Posts: 102
    Hi thanks for replying to my post.
    My understanding is that the Picture field in the Item record is a Mediaset field and The mediaset is a collection of Media.
    I can insert multiple images into the Picture field however, Similar to your screenshot I would like to display each of the images in the mediaset rather than store the images in a new table.
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    I tried to write a post about MediaSet : https://mybusinesscentraldiary.wordpress.com/2021/05/17/item-images-in-a-factbox/. Is this what you are looking for?

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