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I need your help in order to solve a boring issue.
I had to migrate some huge data from an old DB (Nav 5) to a new DB (Nav 2017).
I used ALTOVA MAPFORCE to open the 2 SQL DB , i choose the tables to migrate, mapped the fields, (created dumb value for the new fields in the new SQL NAV)
Run the mapping and everything is almost ok.
At moment in 50 tables i transferred only 5 have following problem :

In db with SQL management studio i see the date without any kind of problem
but if i open the page of these 5 tables ( for example Customer Posting Group) the page show no rows, but as soon as i click on any column to change sorting order, or the refresh button, the rows does appear.

Any suggestion ?
This happens also with another non-standard table.
Once refreshed the content is there and all correct.

Thanks in advance


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  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 411
    This happens when migration is done directly into the sql database. Is there a way you can migrate data using rapid start?
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  • FiammenghiFiammenghi Member Posts: 16
    Too many records and tables..
    Source has not rspid start to export

  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 411
    Export in spreadsheet and import via rapidstart in the target db?
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